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MARDA’S GIFT introduces new ways of thinking about old ways of connecting. In an era when cynicism and political division dominate headlines, this film is an uplifting story that has the power to recover some lost faith in humanity.


MARDA’S GIFT MISSION: To engage community in the development of a documentary short film that engenders a culture of individual empowerment, hope, and inspiration to change lives through personal actions.


MARDA’S GIFT VISION: Through discussions and events, to instill the notion that small change can create important ripple effects and inspire people to learn new skills and live their passions.




MARDA’S GIFT is a project of the Charitable Partnership Fund (CPF), a qualified 501(c) (3) nonprofit. CPF builds capacity in the charitable community, and increases philanthropy through cooperative fund development and program options for donors, nonprofits and the business community.  

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We are actively seeking funds to produce MARDA’S GIFT.

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