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Award-winning director Kate McMahon, owner of Kate McMahon Productions, LLC, in collaboration with producer Daria Matza, is developing MARDA’S GIFT as an original documentary short for Executive Producer Sheila Rittenberg.


Marda Stoliar has granted us exclusive access to her story to be told in a powerful and cinematic style. This story will inspire and educate anyone who is curious about changing lanes in life and loves stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

Toby Bloomberg, an expert in social media and marketing, will build a national, if not international, community of followers engaged in Marda's story.


Marda’s Gift is a project of the Charitable Partnership Fund (CPF), a 501(c)(3), publicly supported charity. CPF is a home for independent projects such as MARDA’S GIFT. Contributions to the film are made through CPF and are tax-deductible.

We are actively seeking funds to produce MARDA’S GIFT.

We are actively seeking funds to produce MARDA’S GIFT.

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